Sunday, January 15, 2012


Four Year Old:






Fa La La La La.............

Little bit late but here it is:  Christmas!  I finally found some me time (which quickly turned into me + two little girls with opinions) to download the pictures from the camera.  So here ya go, our 2011 Christmas. 
It was a wonderful Christmas even though it was just the five of us (5 of us!  ~Love It).  We were leaving for Michigan on Dec. 15 so we celebrated a bit early and had just a teeny tiny little tree.  And no outside lights.  I made up for it though by putting twinkling lights into the girls bedroom.  It addes some Christmas magic to our home.   I put a few little snowmen and hung a wreath on our door.  Just enough Christmas cheer to spruce up our home and not cause me a lot of clean up for when I got back. 

Anyhoo, here are a few pictures of our TX Christmas:

Here is Hannah and Kylie in the jammies that Daddy picked out for them.  Good job Daddy!

Hannah's new game:  Guess Who!  We love to play this!

Best toy yet!  Barbie News Reporter.  They have a ton of fun with this and really get creative with their "news reports"!

Boxes are still a Huge Hit around here.

Drew just chillin' watching the commotion.

Mommy and Kylie snugglin'.

And the all important LaLaLoopsy Silly Hair Doll.

It was Merry.  Cozy.  Lovely.  And so worth it to do it early cuz there was no way I was hauling all those presents to Michigan. 

Hope your holidays were just as jolly!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Kylie!

Dear Kylie,

Words cannot even begin to express all the love I have for you.  You are such a little lady these days

 and I am so proud of you!  Four years ago God blessed me with you:  a sweet, persistant, funny little

 girl who has brought many smiles and giggles into my life.  You are truly your own little person.

 You love to snuggle, be it with me or Daddy or one of your many little stuffed animals or dollies.

  You are truly a lover of animals.  You don't meet a dog or kitty that you don't want to smother with

your cuddles and love.  Daddy and I are sure you are going to be a veteranian when you grow up! 

Although you constantly tell me you are going to be a Mommy.  You make me laugh so much!  You

are always coming up with the cutest little phrases that you repeat over and over.  "I better...", or

"These....are ooey gooey..."....You crack me up kid!  I pray daily that you continue to find happiness

 in every situation and that you always have faith in God and that you continue your relationship with

 Him and that you will be a woman of God when you grow up.  You love God and love to go to

 church......heck, you even wanted to name your baby brother Baby Jesus!  I pray that I will continue

 to be the example I need to be for you and that our Mother-Daughter relationship continues to grow

and flourish.  I love you sweet Baby Ky-Ky....My Big 4 year old!!