Monday, August 31, 2009

Its Been Awhile.........

Life has been so busy lately (well, all summer) that I am have neglecting my blog...that and I have felt tapped for ideas, inspiration, motivation...etc, etc, etc. So I am not sure where this is leading I just knew that I needed to get on and try to get back into the swing of things!

Well, it has been over a year since we moved to TX and things are going pretty much the way I figured....or at least I am telling myself that! I knew that first year would be so exciting and fun and adventurous. And now as we are heading into our second year here I can't help but think about all the "what ifs". Oh the torture of the whatifs. Why do we even allow ourselves to ponder such incredulous situations that have not and will not happen? Torture, pure torture. A sample of just a couple (yes, I will spare you) : what if we had looked/bought this or that house? What if we had sold our house? What if we had bypassed TX for Indiana (or insert some other place we prayed about). But then I step back and realize: Amy! You are questioning God's plans that HE himself has laid out for you. You are here in this exact house, in this exact neighborhood, this exact city and state that God wants you to be in. And then I step back away from the situation and realize with a humble heart all the blessings God has put in my life. Danny has achieved his lifelong goal. I have made lifelong friends. My girls have made (and possibly have met their future husbands...heehee Boys w/ the last name Dudek!). I have found God and made my life more about Him than what it ever was. That alone is amazing to me. I know life with God would be great. I didn't realize it could be this good. And I am just touching the tip of the iceburg here. I have an incredible amount of areas that I need to grow on and learn and discover but I realize that my life is nothing short of a miracle. I still can't believe how lucky I am to have that urge, that feeling to want to be like Jesus, to want have a servants heart (and NO I am not talking just about wanting to stack chairs after church....heehee).


I am just grateful for the time I have here in TX to know God better, understand those around me better and just stop the whatifs and start looking toward the future. Bettering myself, enjoying my kids, loving my husband and of course! The holidays and creating our own memories and "kodak moments"!

Speaking of "kokak moments' camera is still on the fritz. The money I thought was coming in has not (in January I will be seeing it). Yes, thats right. After ALL the major holidays (okay, Christmas)....but at least we will get it. And I will be purchasing a brand new camera!!!!!! Yes, I am giddy!!!!

This is just a rambling blog........but here are some updates on the girls~~minus pics. Sorry!

Hannah is WAY into Monsters and Princesses......yes, we have entered that stage. So we go around the house (usually I am the monster and not the princess who gets to wear the crown) and we (ahem, I) chase my sweet Princess around and around and around making loud monster noises while the Princess (Hannah) giggles, shrieks, falls (you know she's not that graceful) and jumps continuosly. Really. There is no end in sight once we start that game. If any of you know the "No Catch Me Game" this is about a 1,000 times longer and way more active! So ya, I guess eating some M&Ms is now acceptable with all the calories I am burning while chasing Hannah.
And Kylie? Well....she is not a fan of that game for very long. In fact, after about 5 minutes she is crying so therefore I end up holding her while chasing Hannah all the while making funny monster noises. Yes, M&Ms are very much needed after that game!! heehee

Aside from that Kylie is great. Getting too big for me. She says some words that Dora has taught her: Backpack, Dora, Diego......oh yes! And Please, and of course Mama (over and over and over and over) Dada, and 'annah. She is literally running all over place, loves to wear shoes, and is starting to want to wear Hannah's panties over her diapers.

So ya, there you go. A rambling blog. Its better than nothing. OR not! heehee