Thursday, December 11, 2008


So, now that I have been living in Texas now for almost 7 months I can see there are definitely HUGE differences compared to living in small O-Town. However, there are things and traditions that I totally miss about my small little town.

1. Just hopping in my car and driving literally 3 minutes to visit my Parents during the day.
2. Pulling out the stroller and walking my girls to the park~~sometimes twice a day.
3. Walking uptown and waving at a gazillion people that we know.
4. Just hanging out at the fire station. (Whoa, thought I would never say that!)
5. Walking to the beach with the family.
6. Spending weekends at the house with Autumn.
7. Getting my "hair did" with Autumn.
6. Walking to the beach with Autumn and enjoying a DQ
7. Enjoying long meaningful conversations over a full moon with Autumn (okay, I think I covered the Autumn part)
8. Doing annual events around town with my Mom.
9. Long weekends of just relaxing and having fun at Danny's parents' home.

So ya, there are quite a few things I miss and will always miss. Being so close to family and then moving so far away is hard on the soul. I hate the fact that my girls are so far away from their grandparents and I can't immediately fix that. I know in time we will eventually move closer or they will move closer but for now we have to make do with what we have. Life is good here in TX and I know we are helping Danny fulfill his dream and I totally support him and am so incredibly proud of him.

However, there are things that I do NOT miss about O-Town,don't get me wrong. One being THE COLD. But I guess God is putting a little Michigan back into my life because it is downright freezing here in Texas. I figure he knew I was missing O-Town however I don't' think I clarified it like I should have....;) Oh is good.

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Megan said...

I know it is so hard to live far from family. I am really glad that you have lots of cool and fun things to do in TX too that keep you busy when you are missing your ole MI home!

Autumn said...

I miss all of those things too! But I am looking forward to all the new things we get to do in Texas, like Girls Night, City Lights, Downtown Dallas, The Stockyards, a mall near your house (that's a big deal compaired to Oscoda).
There's lots to look back on that is great, but what our future holds is pretty exciting for all the things to explore.
Love you!

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