Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Toodles: How lovely are thy branches!

Above is the link to my good friend Bethany's website. She is a very talented girl~~check out her site! She is also having a contest which you can enter. Have fun browsing :)

Here are four favorite ornaments thus far in our home!!! Each one holds a special memory that we reflect on each Christmas season.

This is one of the many firefighting ornaments that Danny has. I particularly like this one because 1. Its a snowman. I love snowman! and 2. It is just so darn cute! Danny had a blast being a fireman and this will always remind us of all the times he went running out of the house to go help save others. He was tremendously brave and humble. And we love him for that!Awwwww......this one was my very first ornament....as you can see by the date. Don't really remember much about this Christmas but it signifies the start of my holiday tradition. Thanks Mom for such great memories!
Hannah's first christmas. She was so little but at the time we thought she was growing up so fast. She received alot of fun toys that year including a cute crawl along pooh bear and a vtech train set that we have now passed down to Kylie.
This is funny! Kylie received this last year while she was still in my tummy growing. We had some anxious grandparents who were so sure she would be delivered before the holiday season. But in true fashion she showed up two days late, January 12. No biggie. Kylie is enjoying it this year and what a great story she can pass on to her children some day!
Thanks so much Bethany for allowing us to share these memories with you and anyone who reads it. Happy Holidays!!!!

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