Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It has been such a great week, so far.

We celebrated Thanksgiving.  With lots of yummy goodies.

We watched The Grinch.  And Elf.  Tis the season.

Hung out as a family. 

Had turkey sandwhiches for breakfast

 Its been wonderful!

Naps happened.

We cranked up the christmas carols.

Brought out the christmas tree

and all the trimmings.

Tinkerbell set straight to work on

her "masterpiece".

Even before the tree was all theway up. 

 Thats alright.

She's a pro.

And we went to the park

for some much needed fresh air

(and two littlle girls needed to burn some energy).

And I was amazed at the

beauty of Texas.

Where did all these colors come from?

And how are we still wearing shorts in

November.  Oh confuse

me sometimes.

Kylie decided to do some rock climbing. 

And exploring.

Its the little things that make

me smile.  The biggest.  "Cause

smiling is my favorite.



2 notes:

Chloe said...

I watched Elf today too!!! Love the pictures. You are right, the fall colors in Texas are gorgeous. Happy Thanksgiving Amy & Family! xoxo Chloe

Bethany said...

Love Elf! I need to put that on my December to-do list.

Happy Thanksgiving. It looks like it was wonderful. And no worries about "copying" me. I would hardly expect to be the only person with a free-for-all template. It's cute and we both have incredible taste, right? You rock!

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