Friday, February 8, 2013

going strong

Three days and complete happiness. Thank you prayer warriors, kind words from thoughtful friends, and not judging me. Thank you Jesus for the power to overcome this funk I was in. I know through ceaseless praying and focusing on all the positive things in my life I will be myself in no time at all. Today is yet another snow day. We were out of snow days up here in this wintry northern climate. Which means the kiddos get one more day tacked on to complete the required school days. One summer day lost. Bummer. I guess my memory is clouded with June weather in Texas because my friends tell me it will be okay cuz it's not even that warm yet in June. Are you kidding me??? :) Alright, I'll regress. The kiddos can stay in school one more day. We finally got a decent amount of snow, as you probably figured out since we have a "snow day". We have been taking advantage of all sorts of snowy fun such as sledding until the cold snow goes up our back. Multiple times. Building snowmen. Eating white snow (have to remind Kylie of this seeing we have a puppy now). I hope to maybe make a fort today or spray the snow multiple colors with colored water. OR both. Who knows. Whatever we do it will be fun. Thank you Lord for this extra day to snuggle, bake, giggle, and play with my kiddos while school is definetly not in session.

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