Thursday, April 23, 2009


First Hannah: (and no I did not have her "pose" like this; thats just Hannah)

Now Kylie:

Notice anything similar? Thats right. They are wearing the same size 24 month swimsuit....the exact same one. Craziness....we bought this for Hannah at the beginning of Summer last year and it fits her and Kylie! Grant it, Hannah's little butt cheeks start showing after a few twists and tumbles and the straps start slipping on Ky but still. Really? The same suit??

When I asked Hannah "How does this still fit you??" she just giggled and said "Its fits Mom. Its my size!". "Its me size". She really said that! Cracks me up!

2 notes:

Colee said...

That's just too cute...... THey both are getting so big...

Native American Momma said...

OMG Your so lucky my 17 month old is in size 3t and 4t

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