Sunday, April 12, 2009


First we'll cover the Easter dresses.....I know the grandparents are waiting for this!
First the sweet one where they are holding hands:

Now they are having a breakdown because they are tired of Mommy saying "big smiles" and "cheese" and the sorts.
Back to being sweet....I guess they figured I would be in their faces all day if they didn't hurry up and smile!

Now onto the previous nights activity: Egg Decorating!

And of course the revealing of the Easter Baskets!! Sorry the girls were way too excited to get any "Kodak Memory" quality photos. I will say this though: Hannah LOVED the chocolate bunny that was hanging out in her basket and Kylie adored her new snuggly blankets. All is right in the world when you have yummy chocolate and comfy blankets!

P.S. In case you are wondering what the the girls got from the Easter Bunny (mainly the grandparents!) I will let ya know. Hannah got a wonder pets water paint set, chocolate bunny, and princess p.j. set and Kylie got new blankets for the summer, bubbles, chocolate bunny, and princess p.j. set.

3 notes:

Autumn said...

Sweet pictures, as always. Kylie is really starting to ham it up for the camera.

Megan said...

The girls are adorable in their Easter dresses! I learned this year that dressing a girl on Easter is lots of fun, but of course you already know that!

Colee said...

Awww to adorable. Hope you all had a great easter

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