Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Carving the Pumpkins

Yes, I did the video first.....heehee Here are a few pictures of tonight. Check out my account to see the rest!! They will be up in a few days. We had a blast carving pumpkins and I think Hannah might have a future in it!!!!

And yes, they are in backwards order. I will have to remember to load them in reverse order. One of these days, right?

We went to this little pumpkin patch down the street from us and got a few good shots of the kiddos. Unfortunately, we did not get any pumpkins there. They wanted $12.00 for one little pumpkin so Walmart received our business....heehee
Kylie was our little photo charmer while Hannah was too busy racing around the hay maze and through all the pumpkins~~she was amazed at how many there were. And of course the evening ended with Danny tackling Hannah and burying her in the hay, which Hannah choked on and ended up puking......ahh the memories!!

Pumpkin Carving 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trunk or Treat!!!!

Our church had an event called "Trunk or Treat". Basically you decorate your trunk, pile loads of candy in it and give it out to all the witches, princesses, pirates, and goblins that come around. We had a really fun time! We got loads of candy (great....) and of course had fun seeing all our friends (big and small) dressed up. My Princess, Kitty, and I also got to walk in the Costume Parade, in which the children received a certificate and a glow necklace!!! And of course no trunk or treat is complete without a big mound of sugar to munch on: Hannah's ultra sticky, very pink cotton candy (which somehow managed to stick to my car....gggrrrr). Apparently, I have ALOT to learn about Texas Football Teams. Lesson Learned: When in doubt of which team to represent (I dont' have my full costume on here, but I did go as a sporty girl) the Aggies are so NOT the team!!!! Stick with the Cowboys or Longhorns....sheesh!

Swinging At Night

Yes, the girls love to swing. And as you can tell, Hannah has already wore the grass out under her swing! And no, Kylie is not sad....this is the beginning of a really snotty cold and teeth growing week!

Friday, October 24, 2008


We made cookies today and it made me realize just how grown up my little Hannah is!
The pictures are in backward order because thats how they were loaded and I wasn't going to start from scratch with uploading. My children only have so much patience! So enjoy!! By the way, I cannot believe how one year has made such a difference!! The bottom three pics (which were suppose to be the top three) were from last October when we made Halloween cookies.......So Please scroll down to the bottom and then work your way up! That way you will see the start to the finish and not the other way around!

Hannah one year actually made me tear up seeing how much she has grown in one little year. They get too big too fast!! I love having all these memories though!



(drawn by Mommy)


This is amazing! Compliments of Bethany

Hey all. Check out THIS! It's a really neat story. Now, I wonder when he can come and decorate my house????

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Apparently when Hannah entered gymnastics I had NO idea it would take over her whole world. For instance, when Hannah wakes up she doesn't get up and stretch and mope about. Oh no. She starts somersaulting around the living room like there is a marathon going on and by golly she is going to win! Now never mind the fact that poor Kylie is in the room trying her best to get out of Hannah's flying arms and legs...poor babe has mastered the whole turbo crawling thing. The babe has mad skills when it comes to getting out of her sister's way. Also, Hannah has now taken a liking (or should we use a better word: obsession) with the character Angelina Ballerina. That in itself brings out a whole other issue. Hannah goes leaping across the room doing twirls and toe touches like you wouldn't believe. The girl is dedicated! She also has informed me more than once that she is Angelina Ballerina and that she herself is a marvelous ballerina. So yes, I join in the fun. I start doing the leaps and twirls and toe touches right along side her. I am sure Kylie is laughing her little head off at us. Ahh yes, this is how we spend the day: somersaulting and acting like great ballerinas.

Now night time has gotten to be way better. In case you are not familiar to our "bedtime routine" then I will fill you in. When we moved Hannah decided our (Danny and I's) bedroom was HER bedroom. Well after a few l-o-n-g nights we finally got Hannah to stay in her room. Well, fast forward to now. Hannah has taken up Nightly Reading as another personal favorite. And by no means am I going to discourage that! So...after I get done reading books to Hannah she piles a bunch of books around her while in bed and continues to "read" while Mommy goes and relaxes (aka sit on the couch and watch my programs). Well, Hannah has decided that she now HAS to sleep with her Bible~~which makes Daddy and Me proud! And it is the cutest thing to see her tuck her little pink bible under her arm and fall asleep! I love it!!! It is the sweetest thing ever. Okay, now that I am done bragging about my 2 year old I will wrap this up! Kids are the greatest and I am so thankful to stay home everyday with my two girls and play ballerina and gymnast with them!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Favretts!!! (or in our language...Favorites!)

So Hannah has this new thing where everything, and I mean everything is her "favrett"! For instance last night Max and Ruby came on and Hannah jumps us and starts running around proclaiming that "max and ruby are my favrett!!!". So I decide to join in on the fun. On the cartoon there is an airplane. I say, oh look Hannah an airplane. Mommy's favorite. To this Hannah turns around and says "No Mommy, Auty's favrett." Well, then. I guess I have been told!

So today we are out on our swing set and I tell Hannah that today we are going to talk about dinosaurs (which she has not really been into). It is Dinosaur Month (thx Bethany!) so I went on to tell Hannah we will be coloring the letter "D" and coloring a picture of a dinosaur. Well....I should have known.
Hannah:"Ooohhhh my favrett, dinosaurs!".

Me: Oh really? I didn't know that. What is your favorite show Hannah? (thinking she'll remember from yesterday that it is Max and Ruby) NOPE>

Hannah: Dinosaur show!

Me: What is your favorite animal?

Hannah: Dinosaur!

Me: What is your favorite color?

Hannah: PINK!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I'm glad to see some things haven't changed......
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