Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trunk or Treat!!!!

Our church had an event called "Trunk or Treat". Basically you decorate your trunk, pile loads of candy in it and give it out to all the witches, princesses, pirates, and goblins that come around. We had a really fun time! We got loads of candy (great....) and of course had fun seeing all our friends (big and small) dressed up. My Princess, Kitty, and I also got to walk in the Costume Parade, in which the children received a certificate and a glow necklace!!! And of course no trunk or treat is complete without a big mound of sugar to munch on: Hannah's ultra sticky, very pink cotton candy (which somehow managed to stick to my car....gggrrrr). Apparently, I have ALOT to learn about Texas Football Teams. Lesson Learned: When in doubt of which team to represent (I dont' have my full costume on here, but I did go as a sporty girl) the Aggies are so NOT the team!!!! Stick with the Cowboys or Longhorns....sheesh!

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Autumn said...

Love the pictures! Keep them coming!

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