Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Carving 2008

2 notes:

Autumn said...

Oh my Hannah with a knife! What a sight! She is just getting to big! Thanks for the video! Love you. See you two weeks from tonight!

daniellefisher84 said...

Thanks for sharing pics and video of your girls. My kids miss Hannah and Rhiannon really misses Kylie. She tells me about how Hannah's mommy let her hold Kylie when she was a baby. I cant wait to show her the video of little Hannah...She is really getting big. She is talking so clear now, It use to be hard for me to understand her (You know, how kids have a special language only the mom knows?) lol I know mine are like that, but I can understand hannah now, she is really getting big! And her learning to write her name will be easy, Rhiannon learned how to write hers her first week at school, now she writes everything she see's.

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