Thursday, November 18, 2010


This little face smiling up at me.....

Kylie has discovered the phrase "Just Kidding!" and boy does she
make us laugh with all her JK sayings!!  I am going to try
to catch her on video and post it...fingers crossed she cooperates!

Hannah and her bff Jack!

Watching Hannah and Jack try to win tickets:

Watching Hannah get way excited over somebody else's presents:

Something else that makes me smile?
Learning to Crave The Word with this group
of awesome girls!

Having No Reservations by spreading the word of God with chalk

They Rocked That Sidewalk!

Snacks at Midnight?  Don't mind if I do!!

These two playing Air Hockey...ya, that
makes me smile...Alot!!

And yes, this sweet little angel who
is growing up so much lately.....
she Definetly makes me smile!!

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