Thursday, November 4, 2010


My girls make me smile. Alot. Especially when they
do the simplest things. 
Such as...

When they play Make Believe...
Like feeding their puppy.

Or Making Funny Faces.....
Which Hannah finds hilarious!

Or just eating cheetos. 
Who else looks this cute
while shoving food into their mouth?

Tickle wars are also hilarious.  To Hannah. 
She's such a ham.

And has one of the best smiles around. 
Along with her best friend. 
 Kylie of course!

These two are having
so much fun growing up together.

And yes, those are christmas jammies. 
Super comfy cozy Hannah tells me.

And I am soo glad I get to watch them laugh.
And giggle.  And grow. 
Physically and spiritually. 
These two have hearts of gold.

Especially when it comes to animals.
  Pretend or real.

I am so blessed that God gave me
these two angels to raise and love.
Being a Momma is the greatest.

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