Monday, December 15, 2008


Its true....we found Santa at the North Pole as Hannah has been repeating all weekend long........

So after church we decided to go to this extremely huge mall to go see "Santa at the North Pole!". According to the sign Santa does not start seeing children until 12:30. No biggie. Seeing it is Noon we will eat lunch first then go see Santa. Mind you, again, I grew up in a small town so I do not think about getting a number first. Thats right!!! A number to see Santa.....its like I'm at the Secretary of State or something. Anyhoo.............after we get done eating and by the time we push our huge stroller (which by the way neither kid is in) we arrive at the "North Pole". WOW. This guy has one sweet setup. He is in a darkened room lit up by only christmas lights and his "house" is at the end all decked out with a cozy homey atmosphere. And the Santa.....I think Hannah is right!!!! There is no way this guy is NOT Santa himself. No fake beard here.......this guy is the real deal! He totally flew in from the North Pole. So as we try to see what is going on that is when we noticed the big flashing sign indicating this is a "take a number please" kind of deal. No problem. The place is pretty crowded but they are only on number 14. We go to get a number..............what??!!! They have only been open for a half hour and they are already into the 200's?? Well...I find out that they start giving out numbers at 9:30. So....we would have an appointment at around 7 pm tonight. No thanks. We live 40 minutes away and I am NOT coming back. So we decide to go catch the Puppet Show. It is now 1:20, they don't start another show until 2:00. Okay, we will go see the train exhibit. Nope. That line is way too long! And Kylie just informed me she is not happy and overtired and without her formula. We are going home.
I feel really, really bad for Hannah. The poor girl didn't get to see Santa or the puppets or the trains.....and it was super busy in there. So we agree to come back during the weekday when it less crowded. Wish us luck!

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Megan said...

I am glad that you found Santa, hopefully next time you will even get to talk to him!

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