Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Today is the day I would move back North. Perhaps not Michigan, but maybe Indiana or one of the East Coast States. Yes, definitely one of the East Coasts. Maybe.

I am so sick of spotting beetles the size of golf balls climbing over over grass.....like its their road or something. Up and over. Up and over huge strands of grass, leaves, sticks, etc. I'm over it.

I am so tired of "non-agreesive" wasps flying around me and my children. Sure, they are only there because they want the water we so willinging supply via our pool. But come on!! They do sting and I for one, am not going to get in their way. However, they do make it pretty impossibe to not come across one when they hide in the grass. Gggrrrr

And don't get me started on "cute, little dragonflies". Those things are HUGE!!! And fly all over my yard in a pack. Its like they started their own "Dragonfly Gang" right in my front yard. The way they whip around and back and forth has me doing so many bends and hops its about to drive me crazy!! I can't even roll down my windows until I am down the road for fear they will whiz right into the car.....yuck, yuck, yuck!!!!!!

I found a massive, huge, horrible, sick-to-my-stomach size BEE in my pool today. Which made me realize they are flying over my head. That is just too real for me. If you know me at all, I despise and freak out over the tiniest, smallest, little bug. So that just put me over the edge. I am over it!!!

I am just tired of bugs, bettles, bees, wasps, etc. Texas might not be the home for me. Things are definetley bigger in Texas and maybe thats not for me.

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Autumn said...

haha! And we all know how much you and your girls love bugs!

I have the misquotes all ready here in MI to make you itchy and take your blood!

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