Sunday, July 5, 2009


Feeding the dolphins, watching Shamu do tricks, swimming in the ocean, riding on a riverboat....I ♥ vacation!!!!

Here are a few ALOT of pics from our Holiday (thats right, I'm European!). I loved every minute of it: even when we were stuck in construction for TWO WHOLE HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness for snacks (for the kids, that is!).


♥ Hannah and Kylie adopted two dolphins: Splash and (respectively) Shamu
♥ Iced Lemonaide on a hundred degree day= pure bliss
♥ Amazing mammals, amazing shows
♥ Thx to our Special Tour Guide Hannah and her Trusty Map we were never lost

THE OCEAN~~♥ ♥ ♥

♥ Went to a small ocean city, Rockport. A teeny tiny bit ghetto, but the ocean was beautiful
♥ Had the pleasure of "exploring" a hole-in-the-wall family dollar. WOW. I don't think I will ever forget the sand toys again

♥ It was Danny's first time to experience the ocean and we now call it "our home away from home".

♥ To make it memorable a seagull thought it might be a good idea to almost take a bite out of his hand when diving for his PB&J sandwich. Yikes


♥ Beautiful, romantic city! Next time I'll leave the kids and Danny's sister at the hotel. heehee

♥ Horrible tour guide, but beautiful history.


2 notes:

Adelas said...

Hey there. I just wanted to get you a direct comment after seeing your post on the blogfrog "who's from texas" post.

I live in Plano now, but I'm originally from Michigan, too, like you said in your note! I'm from the Ann Arbor area.

Anyhow, just wanted to kinda connect because we've got that little thing in common. :)

Nutty Mom said...

Hi, I saw you on Mckmama's post and I just wanted to say hey! your girls are precious, and it looks like you're having a wonderful vacation. We are also in N Texas, and dern it's HOT

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