Friday, May 29, 2009

Lets Hear it For The Girls'!!!!!!!!!!!! wouldn't believe the hassle it was to try to post.......or I should say transfer pictures to blog about...............silly computers! Anyway, here they are: pictures of some sweet way-too-cute-for-their-own-good girls!

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all who served: especially our loved ones!!!!

Fruit Salad, Yummy! Yummy!

Ready for some Sunbabing~~~watch out boys!!!

And yes, we have been gardening! I have a real passion for it this summer so I hope to make my Mama proud!!! heeheee I am little by little tidying up the flower beds that have all sorts of bugs (which Hannah routinely points out to me by screaming and running away) and tons of leaves, rocks, weeds, and overgrown ivy in them. BUT its a great workout and Hannah loves to help so I am teaching her as well. And trust me, those plants do NOT go a day without being watered. Hannah reminds me all the time! Next up: the area in front of the pool and the area in front of the front windows. Wish me luck!

Nothing says "Serious Gardner" than a pair of Dora Gardner Gloves!

My Little Digger

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Autumn said...

What a sweet post. It seems like the girls are growing so much each day! Can't wait to go sunbabing with you girls (and Danny too) in a few weeks!

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