Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I am currently missing three toothbrushes. Yes, thats right. Three. Two of which are the girls and my unfortunate one. Sigh. The girls have a habit of taking their toothbrushes and walking around with them after they are done spitting and rinsing. Really, who is watching these kids??

So Hannah tells me that after she lost her toothbrush and since Kylie's is nowhere to be seen she just went ahead and used mine. Gee, thanks. So....today I used Danny's toothbrush. Yes, yes I can hear ya'll saying "eww" and "gross", but honestly I kiss the boy so really its not that different. Kinda.

But anyway, I need to find the girls' toothbrushes and probably buy myself another one. Because you just don't know where or what mine has been through or on or put into.....ewww..........I'm not going to think about that right now. Neither should you!

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Autumn said...

Ewww!! I hope the girls get a new toothbrush too!

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