Tuesday, September 15, 2009


For the past fourish maybe five days, I have lost count, it has been raining. Thundering. Lightning. Pouring. Pool overflowing. Kids going crazy. Mama going crazy. Raining. So I have had to pull a few tricks out of my sleeve to keep myself and the kids from going stir crazy. One of these things is making our own fingerpaint. Fingerpaint that smells grapelicios!! So we have literally been up to our elbows in paint projects which we all love!! Without these gray, gloomy, rain-filled days we would have never had experienced the grape-tastic days.

Since we have been inside so much these past few days we have had the chance to explore our "once old now new" toys. Welcome Barbie!! Wow, who knew a 3 1/2 year old could get so wrapped up into Barbie??!! I certaintly would not have put any money on my daughter to play with any said toy for a solid two hours. Thats right. I said TWO HOURS!!! Thats amazing!! And did I mention for a good part of that two hours she was playng by herself?? To me, that is mind blowing! We have been dressing and undressing barbies. Taking them to the "beach" in their barbie car. Giving them baths, washing their hair, and taking them to "parties"! Its great fun really. Kinda weird since I never played barbies as a kid. She must get it from her Aunty Auty!!

We have also been paying more close attention to the garbage can. We have noticed that Kylie has been throwing away quite a few things. Just for the fun of it. Yesterday I alone found her wipe box, the t.v. remote, a necklace, a spoon, her sippy cup, and a shirt just to name a few all in the trash. Fun times picking through the trash! Really breaks up the rainy day.

Well,I am off to go play playdough (another activity that has saved our sanity, listen to a children's book on tape with Hannah, and probably dress some barbies and do some garbage picking. I know you are so jealous!! Peace Out!

2 notes:

Bethany said...

You made your own finger paint?! That rocks! I would love to hear how to do that.

You are such a fun mommy.

Autumn said...

Perhaps H got her Barbie skills from Aunty Auty. As for K throwing everything away, she is also like her Auty...not a pack rat! hehehe!

Thank you for your love and help today! Your the greatest BFF! Love you!

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