Tuesday, November 18, 2008


While Autumn was visiting us here in Texas we decided to do alot of fun city things....we are becoming so "city savvy"!!! I must say that coming from a very small town in the middle of nowhere to moving into the center of so many amazing opportunities has been such a major plus and life changing experience for my family. There are so many family friendly activities and exhibits around us....life is good. So anyway, like I was saying, this past weekend has been a busy one and a really fun one....

Our first stop was the Botanical Gardens....So pretty and fun. TOTALLY going to bring my Mom here....heehee! She would love it.
The girls, had a great time exploring covered wagons, teepees, pumpkins, water fountains, and a cute little house just their size! And of course flowers upon flowers!!
But like most two almost three year olds, Hannah gave us a run for our money! She has been having a listening problem which we are constantly working on.....poor Autumn probably thought the day would never end! But all in all it was a fun experience! At least for me, I am use to two toddlers and to expect the unexpected......not so sure about that Aunt Auty!

The next day we went to the Dallas World Aquarium which was awesome!!!!! They had a rainforest inside that had so many flamingos, monkeys, huge spiders, and of course Diego's Jaguar (according to Hannah)!......alot of different things to look at. And then in the aquarium they had manatees, turtles, seahorses, huge colorful fish...I could go and on......and they also had a huge shark aquarium that you could walk under and observe the various sharks above and to the sides. And lucky us, we came right when they were about to feed them...so ya, we got to watch the sharks devour innocent fish thrown into the tank...poor things! Totally gross, but very cool!!!! After that we went to go watch the performers dance and play music in a really tiny area which was really cool...who knew that being cheek to cheek with people I did not know would be a great experience! heehee It was really neat to watch them do their tribal dance and we got to take a picture with them which Hannah wanted to do but you so would think we forced her to do if you look at the picture! All in all in was an awesome fun day...thanks Autumn!!!

Stay tuned for more city adventures with the Gallahars'.........

2 notes:

Autumn said...

Good Blog Amy! But you left some stuff out...like the city Christmas lights, long trips on the highway, cards, cupcakes, Rental Car at Walmart! It was all such a great time! I can't wait until the next trip.
Love you all and miss you bunches!

Amy said...

Well....I need the city light pics to do that blog.....get sending them chick! And of course I "forgot" about the whole walmart scene....geesh!!!!

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