Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So my AWESOME BFF/SIL would LOVE for me to share some more, well, funny experiences that we, well, experienced. I will start off with The City Lights. That is all I'm sharing.....until I receive the pics from her......heehee Yes, thats right! I am holding the story ransom for the pictures. HOWEVER....I will share with you the L-O-N-G ride home......you see, there was this really bored looking guy at the parking garage who we asked directions from. He looked quite lost and not so sure about his surroundings so of course we followed his advice!!! BIG, HUGE, MISTAKE!! We were doing laps literally around Arlington......he had no flipping clue which highway we should have taken. We were sooo totally on the wrong road the whole entire time!!! But, we did get to see some interesting things on our lazy ride home (ahem.). Such as the road "The Road To Six Flags". No kidding you. That was the name of the road. And oh yes, we quite enjoyed our 20-something tours around Six Flags.......quite lovely I must tell you. And who could forget the Jail Bonds store I so totally thought I had been by on my way to the court house........not so much! I know only Autumn will understand....so I'll stop sharing! heehee But yes, we finally made it home.

Another, well, interesting story is me, of course, making a fool of myself! So, it is only the first full day that I am driving around in Autumn's rental SUV. So ya, I am not a mechanic or a die-hard fan of cars. I'll admit it. I don't know make and models or really pay attentions to colors.......especially ones that look silver at night, and blue in the daylight. Big Deal. Obviously, I need to pay more attention!
Autumn drops me off at wal-mart to run in for two simple items. No biggie. She'll wait right outside in the front parking lot. I run in and immediately notice a guy who is obviously ready to check out. He tries to make eye contact and say hello. I zoom around him and race down the aisle I need. I hear him turn his cart around to try to follow me. Not gonna happen buddy. I lose the loser (heehee) and get what I need. I head to the self-checkout and notice him way down at the other side, finally, checking out. Whew! So anyway I race out of the store and immediately go to the first SUV I see. I believe it was white or silver....same color in my mind. Anyhoo, I go to the passenger door and pull the handle. Nothing. It is locked. I look inside and give an impatient "okay, unlock the door" look to a girl I assume is Autumn. Ummm, NOPE! It is a girl our age with brunette hair who apparently was listening to her I POD but is now clearly scared out of her mind and giving me a "what the heck do you want" look! OOPS!!!! So, in true fashion, I whip around and start looking for Autumn. Yup, there she is two cars down.....dang....it..........
So, without saying an apology or anything to the mistaken driver I practically run down to Autumn who at this point is laughing hysterically....can ya blame her??? I hop into the correct vehicle. Then the poor girl I just scared comes racing out of her vehicle and says "You scared me! I didn't know what you wanted." And I in reply I announced while laughing "I just wanted a ride!" Yup, I don't skip a beat!

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