Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dress Rehearsal and Curtain Call

So today Hannah wanted Kylie to dress up with big surprise there. However, this time Kylie cooperated......she usually screams and cries and tries to crawl away whenever I try to put her into just normal clothes so you can just imagine the fight I get when I try to put her into fru-fru dresses!
The girls were really cute dressed up, and yes Hannah loved it, she is just SO over me taking out the camera and trying to "capture the moment". Kylie, on the other hand, hams it up!!! She doesn't know any different yet!

Here is a video (since a certain Grandma who lives in MI has been asking) of one of Kylie's favorite games. And yes, she will sit and play with the curtains all day long if she could! But usually she sits on the floor, not on the couch....promise! And she is usually blabbing away......they never do it when you want them too!

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